About Us

No code content creator for the metaverse

We3D is the fastest, easiest and most powerful no-code app development engine. Using drag and drop tools, it allows users to create applications in 2D, 3D and AR. It replaces traditional app development engines like Unity and Unreal with easy-to-learn no-code software and 20x faster project development.

We3D can be used by both industrial customers, as well as the consumer audience. We’re now launching for specific industry markets beginning with smart cities, industrial, product development, gaming and other related sectors.

The company is founded by 3 partners with over 75 years of combined experience, who have worked together for the past 7 years. We acquired Valkyrie, the no-code software engine, which has served industrial customers in US, UK, Singapore, France, Malaysia, Indonesia and China in a myriad of use cases in real estate, industrial IOT and consumer marketing projects. We overhauled the UI/UX and repositioned the product, and are now launching We3D with a brand new interface, providing our users with an improved no-code 3D/AR experience.

We3D is based in both Singapore and the United Kingdom, and is UK-EIS eligible.



Co-Founder & CTO

wrote the code serial entrepreneur and tech wizard with numerous exits


Co-Founder & CFO

Finance & marketing seasoned entrepreneur with several startup experiences and exits


Co-Founder & CIO

senior advisor, serial entrepreneur, tech integration and industrial IoT expert

Louis BOKA

Head Designer

customer success manager and head designer is key to delivering projects


Senior 3D Designer 

makes stuff look great and run smoothly


3D Designer

makes stuff look great